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Coating of shipping and transport containers – new manufacturing guidelines in China starting 2017

Why a new color for container coating? Most standard sea containers are produced in China and to keep costs low, these containers have been painted with solvent-based paints for decades. With grave consequences for people and the environment. When the solvent-based paints evaporate, so called VOCs (Volatile Organic Components) are released. Through the evaporation of volatile substances while applying the paint to the container, gases escape into the atmosphere and attack the ozon layer. For the workers in the factory, there is a health hazard because the gases produced from the solvents can irritate the eyes, the lung tissue and the mucous membranes. VOCs have also been proven to have carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic effects. This is why container manufacturers ...

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iCON storage container for the HSV

The green keepers of Hamburger Sport Verein (HSV) are upping their game with a storage container from iCON International Service GmbH. As part of the merger of talent development and the professional division of the HSV, additional sports- and training grounds have been built near the stadium at Volkspark. For their care and maintenance, additional equipment is needed, which is now stored dry and safely in the 40′ sea-container.

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iCON Tank Containers now running in virtual world of railways

iCON tank containers roll soon on the route network of virtual railway world. The freight cars of the company 3D train is equipped with the liquid containers of iCON International Container Service GmbH. The railroad enthusiastic players also have the option will now be offered to accept demanding challenges in the transport of liquid goods. Just like in real life, the iCON containers that deliver the best possible protection for the transport of high-quality fluids.

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Is this the breakthrough in container disposition?

It is back once again: the container that is foldable and therefore space saving. Since the beginning of container shipping, the necessary disposition of empty containers has been a tough nut for equipment managers, since the freight traffic rarely ever matches. The solution seems to be rather obvious: a container that can be reduced to a fraction of its original volume. Holland Container Innovations presents their approach to the public , their so called 4FOLD – 40’High Cube Container.

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Open wide – the 40’ High Cube Side Door Container

Over the years, the “Side Door”-Container has established itself in the area of transport- and storage equipment. This container type is available in the 20’, as well as the 40’ version. Until now, the roof of the 40’ version was stabilized with a middle stanchion for extra support. However, since the development of the new generation of the 40’ “Full Side Access”-Container, this feature is not necessary anymore. With the doorway opening to a whopping 11.55 m (37.89 ft) it is now possible to load and unload goods utilizing the full breadth of the container without any hindrance. This new transport- and storage equipment meets all requirements of an ISO sea container and also finds its use on the roads ...

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iCON has its first Trade Fair Booth at transport logistic 2015 in Munich

Mirella Engelhardt and Ursula Lopez (not pictured) welcome a large number of visitors at the iCON Trade Fair Booth. After several co-operations and shared booths in the past, iCON International Service GmbH was able to present its own stand for the first time at the “transport logistic” trade fair in Munich in May 2015. “The trade fair was an overall success for our company,” Achim Bunke (iCON CEO) proudly said, as iCON was able to establish contact with many valuable members of the industry that were present at the fair. These include representatives from the areas transport & port management, intra- and warehouse logistics, supply chain management, and IT & telematics. Aber nicht nur im Transportbereich erfreut sich dieser Container ...

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The Side Door Container – A real all-rounder!

We realized a very interesting project with an established producer of tennis equipment earlier this year. A road show was planned to take place at and around the “Australian Open”, a world renowned tennis tournament in Melbourne. The idea was to present the new product range in different locations around the tournament. Not only the sales booth, but also the transport and setup were supposed to attract attention. It was decided to realize a mobile store and presentation booth on the basis of a 20ft Side Door Container. Thanks to its distinctive red exterior and unusual equipment, this container was a real eye catcher – whether it was making its way through town on a truck or was set up ...

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