Container Rentals

Do you need a new or used container only for a short period of time? Here at iCON you can rent the container that suits your needs.


We organize the cost-effective transport and drop-off of the container on site – no matter if it has been bought or rented.


We organize storage for your containers to ensure security of supply and need-based replenishment.


Working closely with our depots, we can check the containers’ condition and operational capability at any time and arrange for repairs as needed.

About iCON containers

Under the term “container” we unite all kinds of normed receptacles that are used

  • in transport and/or storage
  • as elements for building of industrial facilities
  • as mobile office- or living units

All of them are transportable and – unlike disposable packaging – can be used for several years or even decades.

Here at iCON, you can buy all aforementioned varieties of containers.

Since their global introduction, standardized measurements have been able to establish themselves for transport and handling.

They are necessary to work most efficiently and at the lowest cost possible. This, in turn, proves favorable when buying a container.

Sea containers are all-rounders

The sea container, on the other hand, can be used continuously across land- and sea vehicles.

The respective transport devices are available for ocean- and inland vessels, and trains and trucks alike.

This is what makes the sea container the undisputed all-rounder, since it’s the only receptacle that can be transported economically and via unbroken transport chains all around the globe. These aspects need to be considered when thinking about buying a container in order to decide which type of container is needed for which purpose.

Requirements and profitability

When they arrive at our depots, our new containers are usually one trip and loaded with cargo in them already. Not leaving them empty on this journey allows for attractive pricing and also helps protect the environment by avoiding unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions through transporting empty containers.

However, if you buy a container from us, we offer our containers in a technically new condition, though light traces of usage from one-time handling can occur. Also if the customer decides they prefer buying a container straight from the factory, we can of course arrange this for you.

When thinking about which type of container to use for a specific purpose, the profitability of transport and transshipment, as well as specific requirements of the cargo need to be taken into consideration.

When building a container – if you have an idea, it can be done. In cooperation with you, we work out what is needed while staying within the framework of costs and requirements. You want to buy a container; we figure out the details – that’s our know-how and our strength.

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